Winter Break Tea Experiments Part 1 *LOOK AT ALL THE FLAVOR LEAVES!*

for Christmas, my parents got me over 100 bags of tea (because they know what I like all the time), and a new mug. My mug collection now includes the following:

Writer’s House Mug

Princess Peach Mug

"A Giant Cup of Shut The Fuck Up" Mug

"Join Us Or Die" Mug

Giant Blue Mug

My tea collection now includes the following:

Calm (Chamomile) Tea*

Green Tea*

Darjeeling Tea*

Pure White Tea*

Ten Ren White Tea

Orange Spice Tea

Raspberry Green Tea

Blueberry Tea

Blueberry Green Tea

Mango Green Tea

Key Lime Tea

Earl Grey Green Tea

Earl Grey Tea*

Pomegranate Tea

Jasmine Green Tea*

English Breakfast Tea*

Oriental Treasure Green Tea

Minty Mint Green Tea

French Vanilla Tea

Passionfruit & Papaya Green Tea

I was telling myself that I was only going to try the ones I haven’t already had during the break, so now I’m making a list so I can keep track! There’s just so many…mmmm

I think I’ll have the Orange Spice tonight. ^__^